Developer Introduction

This section of the documentation is aimed at developers who wish to better understand, perhaps modify, or to read data from the BMON software. The code is thoroughly commented, but the documents described below are meant to provide higher level documentation for the application.

BMON Architecture

This document describes the overall structure of the BMON application. It also indicates the location of key elements of the BMON code and describes generally the implementation approach.

Writing Periodic Scripts

Periodic Scripts are useful for running tasks that need to occur on a repeated basis. These scripts can be used to collect data from external sources, run reports, or perform maintenance tasks. This document describes how a Developer can write custom Periodic Scripts to be run by BMON.

Reading BMON Data via an API

A basic Application Programming Interface (API) is available to read data from the BMON application. Also, a Python library wrapping the API is available to simplify data access.