BMON: Building Monitoring and Analysis Web Application

Copyright (c) 2014, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

BMON is a web-based software application that stores and analyzes sensor data coming from buildings or other facilities. The application was developed by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) to find ways to reduce the energy use and improve the maintenance of their buildings. The application presents a simple user interface for viewing data, but includes informative charts such as Histograms and Hourly Profile charts for analyzing the data. Alerts can be set up to text or email individuals if sensor values move outside normal ranges.

Here is a link to the AHFC BMON Web Site

Here is a screenshot of the application being used to look at the electricity usage of the AHFC Headquarters building (the green bands indicate the building’s occupied periods):


Note that a major upgrade to Python 3.7 occurred on May 1, 2019. Upgrade of existing systems running the Python 2.7 version will require assistance from the developer, Alan Mitchell, Please contact him before attempting an upgrade.

The documentation for the BMON software is divided into three main sections, described below.

System Administrator Introduction

This section describes how to install the BMON application on a web server, which will require some basic skills with Linux system administration. This section also describes how to setup and configure the specific buildings and sensors for your system. The setup of sensors and buildings does not require any sophisticated IT skills; it is accomplished through a web interface after logging on to the system as an administrator.

Developer Introduction

This section provides documentation for developers who want to modify the code of the BMON system. The source code of the project is internally documented with comments, but the documentation in this section explains the overall structure of the application. The GitHub repository holding the source code is located here

Contact Information

Contact information for key BMON personnel and developers is available here.