User Introduction

A number of training videos have been developed to explain the features of the BMON system. The table below summarizes the available videos.

Video Title


Basic Features of the AHFC BMON Web Application

(9 minutes)

This video shows how to select various various reports and graphs for each building. The video also explains a number of graphing features, such as zooming, highlighting points, and hiding data series on the graph. These features are common to all the graphs on the web site, and this video is an important one to watch prior to watching the videos below.

Multiple Building Comparisons and Current Values Report

(13 Minutes)

This video explains the graphs that are available to compare energy use across multiple buildings that are being monitored. It also describes the “Current Values” report, which shows the current sensor readings for any one building.

“Plot over Time” Chart (Time Series Graph)

(8 minutes)

This video explains the “Plot over Time” graph, also known as the “Time Series” plot. This graph lets you display how one or more sensor values change over time. This is the workhorse graph of the system, so this video is important.

Hourly Profile Chart

(8 minutes)

This video explains the “Hourly Profile” chart. This graph lets you chart how a sensor’s value changes throughout the day (hourly). It also allows you to select particular days to look at, such as Monday through Friday or just Saturday.

Histogram Chart

(6 minutes)

This video explains the “Histogram” chart. This graph is good for learning about the range of values measured by a sensor. It also shows you the values that are recorded most frequently and least frequently.

Download Sensor Data as Excel Spreadsheet

(5 minutes)

This video explains how to download sensor data into an Excel spreadsheet.